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I believe that buy-in to the SMNorth community is important -- the earlier the better. We know that our schools provide top-notch education, a welcoming environment and real world experiences for our students and families, and I want to emphasize those qualities by bridging schools with the community at-large. This means not just current students, but alumni, community members, new families, businesses, and more. We know that the North area is great, and engaging families early to show them all the opportunities it offers through inclusive experiences can make our community even more special. 


This area’s roots historically run deep and have a complex intersection of people with varying backgrounds and life stages. I want to connect those lines as much as possible, cultivating a culture of unity.

Connecting our community, preparing our children for the future, and advocating for SMSD 

Mario Garcia is committed to building a better future for our schools.


I will support students at every level, preparing them for a future that encourages success, no matter what path they choose. I believe there are multiple pathways to a successful and fulfilling life. Whether that’s college, the armed services, technical school, the workforce and everything in between, I want to ensure students know what options are available to them and support them with the tools to make the decisions best for them. I will strive to elevate the already existing programs our school district offers students and uplift the teachers who are already pushing their students in the direction they choose after high school. 


The North feeder area is made up of diverse populations from all walks of life, and it benefits from that, equipping them for the real world. I aim to encourage inclusivity, curiosity and learning.



It is a critical time for public schools in our state and it is important that we elect representatives that are going to advocate on behalf of our students, our families and school systems. I’ve spent the last few years working in Washington D.C. and on Capitol Hill, which has given me a glimpse into how legislation often operates. I plan on using this insight to hold officials in Topeka accountable. With special education programs not receiving the funding necessary to thrive, schools have to take on that burden themselves, and students, teachers and administrators are feeling the effects. 


I will work with legislators to ensure they stand by their end of the bargain of taking care of future generations, upholding our state constitution, and elevating policies that support the success of students. At a more grounded level, I want to be an advocate for students to feel secure in their day-to-day lives, as well as connect them with resources to support their mental and physical wellbeing. 

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